Dave Sammarco Band

Dave Sammarco Band

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Born With a Broken Heart and Time Machine are also available at CD Baby

Born With A Broken Heart
born with a broken heart Born With A Broken Heart is The Dave Sammarco Band's most diverse CD to date. Covers all the bases. From in your face country rockers, to smoke filled Nashville honky tonk, to lamentfull, heartfelt ballads. This CD features several of Dave's original line up plus the addition of a few new members being, "Master of the Telecaster" Mr. Jimmy Scoppa on Telecaster of course, and "Kentucky Jim" Faris on upright bass and Bob "Metzman" Metzger on pedal steel and dobro. It was a joy to have longtime DSB member Chris Sciuto on drums and Steve Latt on fiddle and steel. Back up vocals were provided by Scott Baerenwald and Ducky Carlisle. This CD is a must have because you can play it for your 18 year old nephew while he's tearing up the countryside in his '71 GTO Judge or for Uncle Al & Auntie Gert while they are just kicking back around the house, but after listening to a few numbers on Born With A Broken Heart, they might be inclined to hop in the back seat of the GTO and go for a spin!!
Coulda Been The One
coulda been the one This CD rocks! Much in the vein of The Dave Sammarco Band's second CD Time Machine, this CD is raw and rocking, full of ripping guitar, both Stratocaster and Telecaster to please fans of both. Coulda Been The One is also loaded with truckloads of lap and pedal steel, fiddle & banjo. Both this record and Time Machine were engineered by Ducky Carlisle, who has worked with Norah Jones. If you liked Time Machine (and many do) Coulda Been The One WILL KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!!
Time Machine
time machine Time Machine contains a ton of twang, but with a harder edge than Unless It's Yours. This CD should please country, rock, pop and blues lovers across the board. The instrumentation includes acoustic guitar, bass, electric guitar, 12 string electric and lap steel guitars, as well as drums and mandolin. Again, featuring songs about the four kinds of love (good, bad, lost and anticipated), this CD also features songs about getting out of the city and up to the mountains, as well as what one would do if they had a time machine and how special cigars and whiskey used to be.
Unless It's Yours
coulda been the one Unless It's Yours is sure to please die hard country rock music fans. Featuring songs of good, bad, lost and anticipated love as well as moonshine and such. Complete with drums and bass, laced with fiddle, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, acoustic, electric and pedal steel guitar.